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Spencer has a rich and vibrant Aboriginal programs staffed through support teacher Jon Carr and Aboriginal support worker Nadine Charles. Spencer is a grade 7- 9 Middle School which enrolls approximately 620 students, 10% of which are of Aboriginal ancestry.  This population forms a diverse group, primarily off – reserve, non – status and Métis populations.

Role of the Aboriginal Education Department

For students:

– provide in-class support
– provide inclusive cultural enrichment activities
– provide strategies needed to be successful in and out of the classroom
– provide field trips to build on sense of belonging and community
– provide proof-reading and homework help on request

For teachers:

– provide relevant, local and cultural curriculum
– provide cultural resources including books, kits, lesson plans, role model speakers that support classroom learning
– provide in-class support to your students through co-teaching, small group instruction, or one-on-one support


ESD Support

ESD support is provided to Aboriginal students when they may need extra support throughout the school year.  This can apply to any subject area, and develops comprehension, vocabulary, speaking, reading, writing, and/or language output.


Since 2009, Grade 7 students at Spencer Middle school are scheduled an exploratory block.  Spencer offers Aboriginal Awareness as one of the six exploratories offered, being one of the only schools in the province to have Aboriginal awareness as an exploratory topic. The purpose of this class is to increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal ways of knowing in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.


The class is roughly 6 weeks in length, totally about 18 hours of instruction.  In this exploratory, our class:

§  Learned of the term Aboriginal, which includes First Nations, Métis and Inuit,

§  Learned of the diverse Aboriginal populations of BC,

§  Learned of the linguistic groups on Vancouver Island,

§  Were introduced to Aboriginal art and its components,

§  Learned about territory acknowledgement and protocol,

§  Had fun!

Contact & STAFF

We acknowledge the traditional Coast Salish territories on which we work, play, and live at Spencer Middle School.

Phone:  (250) 474-1291 ext. 366
Fax:      (250) 474-2132

Kathleen Meiklejohn – Aboriginal Education Support Teacher  

Sharon Bond – Aboriginal Education Support Worker  
Website: http://mrcarrsclasses.weebly.com/