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Hello Parents & Guardians,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Overall, things seem to be going well at Spencer.  It is so nice to see the students involved and excited about getting back into school sports, amazing things are happening in the classrooms and we are bringing back leadership opportunities for students. We are careful not to jump right back to normal routines, so we will be taking it slow.  We are still holding our whole school assemblies and grade assemblies on MS Teams, but we hope to have our small group meetings and grade level assemblies in the theatre sometime in the near future.

We have amazing students at Spencer Middle School, but like all middle schools, we continue to face challenges along the way.  As you know, we continue to talk about Empathy, Honesty, Kindness, and Respect, and for the most part, our students model this behaviour.  However, we are aware that some students use unkind words toward others, especially on social media.  Words do hurt and it affects our entire community.  I hope we can work together to help students understand the impact these words have on others.

If you are interested, I have included a few links below that were recommended by our District Principal of Safe and Healthy Schools.

For Parents | MediaSmarts and Parents [www.kidsintheknow.ca]




Rainy Days

Well, I think the rainy days are here.  Please remind your child to dress appropriately and arrive as close to the bell as possible.  Students will be waiting outside until the bell rings at 9:04am, so I am hoping to see a lot of coats, boots and umbrellas.  On very wet, miserable days, we may have students wait inside, but supervision is only available from 8:40am onward.  If your child is a bus student, we will do our best to provide supervision and shelter on those miserable days when they first arrive.   We will be outside before school and during the lunch break, so we all need to be prepared.



A reminder that we do not allow students to have their cell phones out from 9:00am to 3:10pm. This includes the lunch break.  We will continue to monitor this and if it becomes an issue after many reminders, we may be calling the parents to come pick up the phone.  Thank you for your support.


Students Visiting Other Schools

Many Spencer students like to visit their previous elementary schools, especially on Fridays since we are dismissed at 1:06pm.  However, on Fridays, most elementary schools are not dismissed until after 2:30pm and although the staff love to see their former students, it has become a distraction for staff and students at our family of schools.  We will be telling our students to avoid being on the property of other schools during this time.  This includes hanging out on the property, either on playgrounds and/or the fields.  We do realize that some of our students pick up younger siblings and that is fine, but maybe they can arrive just before dismissal time.  We appreciate you having a conversation with your child and supporting us with this message.


Communicating Student Learning

Many of our teachers are doing Points of Progress (POP) to communicate student learning.  If this is the case, you may have already received a few POPs.  Communicating student learning will continue throughout the year and you will continue to receive POP.  You will not be receiving the standard report card at the end of every term.  Other teachers are using the standard report card through MyEducation.  If this is the case, the first assessment will be published through the parent portal in early December.  Please be sure you have access to the parent portal before this time.  If you have questions regarding the parent portal, our office staff will be able to assist you.



Please remind your child to have a mask when they arrive at school.  We have a very limited supply of disposable masks and we are finding many students asking for masks every morning.  Thanks for your help.


Grade 6 ADST Classes

All Grade 6 students rotate through six Applied Design, Skills and Technology Curriculum (ADSTs) throughout the year.  These areas include: Shop, Foods and Nutrition, Textiles, Drama, Music and Dance.  All students rotate through two ADSTs each term.  By the end of the year, all grade 6 students will have been enrolled in all of these ADSTs.

We are already coming to the end of the first rotation so you will see a paper copy of this Point of Progress (POP) coming home at the end of the week.  This POP will be a final assessment for this first ADST.  The second rotation of ADSTs will begin next week.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Due to the health and safety of our entire school community, our Student-Led Conferences will look a little different and follow the same procedure we had last year.  This is unfortunate because we very much enjoy seeing and meeting the families and welcoming them into our school.  It is also great to see the students taking the lead on communicating their learning with their parents.

This year, the Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on-line through MS Teams as they were last year.  It is not ideal, but we will do the best we can in order to communicate student learning with all parents/guardians.  More information will be coming from the individual teachers as we get closer to this time.

We will only be in session for a half day on Thursday, Nov. 18 and buses will be running 3 hours ahead of the regular scheduled times.  Teachers will be booking conferences during this afternoon, but there may be other times scheduled for these conferences as well.


Message from the Board Office

As Halloween nears, please take a moment to read the following guidelines. We would appreciate if you could go over these points with your child(ren).

These are general, district guidelines – please check with your child’s school if they have further

recommendations or do not permit costumes.


SD62 Costume Guidelines for Elementary & Middle School Students:

  • Face makeup is okay as long as it isn’t too scary (students must be identifiable).
  • No costume masks are permitted. Students must continue to wear non-medical face masks.
  • Friendly clowns, jesters, mimes, etc. are okay. No scary clowns please.
  • No imitation weapons of any kind will be permitted.

Please use your best judgement to ensure costumes are appropriate for school wear.

These guidelines are in place so that students can be easily identified

We do our best to create comfortable and safe environments in our schools and we thank you for helping us to do so.


Spencer Spirit Wear

Our PAC is doing a small fundraiser and will be selling Spencer Spirit Wear.  Please see the attachment for styles and sizes.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to have students try on different sizes, but if in question, go to the larger size as these children continue to grow on a daily basis.  Forms can be dropped off in the main office.

Thank you to our PAC for organizing this for our students.


Grade 6 Immunizations

Immunization consent packages for grade 6 students have been sent home for routine grade 6 immunizations. Please follow the instructions inside the consent package and return the signed consent form to the school. Students in grade 6 will be offered immunizations in school-based clinics with the consent of a parent/guardian/representative.

Immunizations will be provided at the school for grade 6 students on Nov 04, 2021.

For information on immunizations offered to grade 6 students in BC, please visit https://immunizebc.ca/school-age-children-teens

If you have any questions, please contact the West Shore Health Unit 250-519-3490 and ask to speak to a School Health Nurse.


Job Opportunities

We were asked by our School District’s Human Resources Department to forward the following message to all parents:

School District No.62 (Sooke) is in need of more Education Assistants.  If you have an Education Assistant Certificate or have completed the Community Support Worker Program, we are most definitely interested in hearing from you.  Please see the full job description and required qualifications on our website @ www.sd62.bc.ca, click on Employment.

A few dates to mark in your calendars: 

Non-Instructional Day – Friday, Oct. 22

Photo Re-take Day – Tuesday, Nov. 2

Remembrance Day – Thursday, Nov. 11

Early Dismissal (noon) – Thursday, Nov. 18 (Student-Led Conferences for Parents)

Non-Instructional Day – Friday, Nov. 19.