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This Week in Sports…

Wildcats Basketball is looking for scorekeepers!  We need 3 scorekeepers to help at home games.  It is expected that basketball team members will score keep for at least one home game that is not their own.  Mr Lidstone and Mr Banister will host a scorekeeping training session and work to fill the schedule on Monday Oct 25 at lunch. So check your schedule and see you on Monday!

Spectators at Games

Reminder that transportation to away games is the responsibility of the players/parents.  With this in mind, many schools have different policies for spectators. It is the responsibility of parents to check the policy/capacity of the school that they are attending.  Please use the attached link: https://lowerislandschoolsports.ca/covid-19-info/  Then click on Middle Schools.  Finally, find the name of the school and their capacity.  As guests, we will respect/abide by the policy/capacity of the host school.

When we host games at Spencer, we will have a capacity of 40 adults for each home game.  This includes visiting parents who have driven players to the games.  For this reason, we request 1 or 2 adults ONLY for each Spencer athlete, to ensure we have space to host guest parents.

All adults will need to follow posted health protocols and complete a health check prior to entering the school (click here to see the health check), wash and sanitize hands upon arrival, wear a mask at all times, sit  2m apart from other families and not change seating location.  Washroom access may be limited.  All adults must fill in the Spectator Sign-in Sheet fully to be permitted to attend.  Once the sheet of 40 adults per game is full, we are unable to welcome anymore spectators.  This is for EACH GAME.  Double-headers will have separate sheets for each game.  Spectators will clear the gym after the completion of their game and spectators for the second game will wait until spectators from the first game leave.

If we are unable to make this policy work, we will no longer allow spectators to attend moving forward.

**Permission forms must be completed prior to playing.   One-time $40 athletics fee is required. Uniforms will be distributed at the first game.

Thursday Oct 21*Game Schedules will be given out
7:45-8:45am – All Girls Comp Players
3:30-5pm – All Girls Rec Players

Monday Oct 25-

8-8:45am – Practice – All Girls Rec Players

3:45-5pm – Game – 7/8 Boys Game at Spencer

Tuesday Oct 26

8:00-8:45am – Practice – All Boys Rec Players

3:45-5pm – Game – 6/7 Girls Game at Spencer

Wednesday Oct 27 –

8am-8:45am – Practice – All Boys Comp Players

3:45-5pm – Game – 7/8 Girls Comp Game

5:15-6:30pm – Game – 7/8 Boys Comp Game

Thursday Oct 28

8:00-8:45pm – Practice – All Girls Comp Players

3:45-5 – Game – 6/7 Comp Boys Game

Friday Oct 29

No Sports Scheduled

Coaches –
6/7 Girls Rec – Ms Moser, Mr Owen
6/7 Girls Comp – Tanya Jones and Duey
7/8 Girls Rec – Ms Bryant
7/8 Girls Comp – Mr Lidstone

6/7 Rec Boys x2 Mr Kilpatrick, Blake
6/7 Comp Boys Metcalfe, Griffiths, Bishop
7/8 Rec Boys
7/8 Comp Boys – Metcalfe, Griffiths, Bishop