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Hello Parents and Guardians,                                                                                       Jan. 7, 2022

Happy New Year to all.  This was not the start-up we expected to kick off 2022, but I guess we have to be ready for anything. We have certainly missed having the students at school this week and very much look forward to connecting with all of them on Monday.

Please refer to the email message Mr. Scott Stinson, our superintendent, sent early today.  As we move through the month of January, there may be more changes coming our way.  In the event of any change, the messaging to parents will come from the board office and then we will be able to add to this message if anything specific comes up regarding Spencer Middle School.

Things have a way of changing with little notice these days.  Thankfully for us here at Spencer, some of those things that we have been tasked with doing were already in place.  Due to the number of students in our school, we maintained things like staggered lunch times, entering the school by separate doors as much as possible, having “traffic directions” in hallways and walking around the outside of the building when changing classrooms.  All of these things reduce crowding, but also make for a calmer, better-regulated student group.

A strong reminder that all staff and students are required to be performing a daily self-assessment, and to seek and follow the guidance of Island Health and/or 811 as necessary.  Simply, stay home if you are sick.

Safety measures that are being reintroduced or “tightened down” are:

  • asking parents/visitors to call the office from outside the school rather than coming into the building to talk to staff in the office;
  • teachers have re-examined the layout of the furniture in their classrooms and have looked to increase spacing between desks and reduce where students are facing one another when this is possible;
  • we will be reemphasizing hand-hygiene practices, and wearing properly fitted masks.  Please ensure all masks are cleaned daily and have the proper fit;
  • with regard to masks, please provide your child with a few extra masks in their backpacks as we hand out a huge number of masks every day.  We will start to keep track more of those students who are chronically not wearing their mask.  This may lead to further discussions with the student and the parent;
  • students will continue to access lockers, but we will be limiting visits to lockers and they will always be supervised in order to limit overcrowding.  We have found that several students visit their locker regularly in order to check their phones.  Please speak with your child about the importance of not accessing phones during school time (9:05-3:10).  If you need to get a hold of them, please call the office;
  • reminder, we also ask our students to pack in and pack out their garbage, as this enables our custodial staff to focus more energy on keeping our school clean and disinfected.

As Dr. Henry stated earlier this week, there is an emphasis being placed on different sectors coming to their own contingency plans rather than all direction being province-wide.  Staff here have been working this week to create ‘At home’ learning opportunities for their students in the event of the need for school closures, as per Mr. Stinson’s message today.

Black Shirt Day

January 15th is Black Shirt Day.  I don’t believe we have anything formal planned at the school, but we encourage you and your students to wear a black shirt on Friday, Jan. 14 to make a visual statement against racism.  We will promote it on the announcements next week. More info can be found here: Antiracism Coalition

Lost and Found

Lastly, please see the attached photos of our lost and found items.  We will hang on to them next week and then will be donating items.

This weeks in Sports

This week in Sports – Jan 10-14

Permission forms must be completed prior to playing.   One-time $40 athletics fee is required. Uniforms will be distributed at the first game.  There will be NO SPECTATORS at all games, until further notice.

All volleyball players must attend skills practices this week to be placed on a team.  Teams will be posted Wednesday January 12 at Lunch. All athletes must wear clean, non-marking shoes.  Also, appropriate athletics clothing.  No jeans, metal buckles or clasps.  No jewelry is allowed during athletics participation.

We are actively seeking coaches for volleyball teams.  If parents/staff are interested in coaching, contact Mr. Banister at rbanister@sd62.bc.ca

Monday Jan 10

8:00-8:45am – All Boys Volleyball Skills Practice

3:15-4:45pm – All Girls Volleyball Skills Practice

Tuesday Jan 11

8:00-8:45am – All Girls Volleyball Skills Pratice

3:15-4:45pm – All Boys Volleyball Skills Practice

Wednesday Jan 12

Volleyball Teams Posted by Lunch on Athletics Board

Thursday  Jan 13

8:00-8:45am – Girls Volleyball Practice – Team TBD

3:15-4:45 – Boys Volleyball Practice – Team TBD

Friday Jan 14

8:00-8:45 am Girls Volleyball Practice – Team TBD


Previous Messages

Parent Resources for Substance Use

Please find below a link to the new Parent Handbook developed by a team of Victoria parents with Foundry which is meant to support parents who have children struggling with substance use.  This resource looks really good.

Parents like us. The unofficial survival guide to parenting a young person with a substance use disorder – Foundry – (foundrybc.ca)

Vaccines for Ages 5-11

Please see the information below from the Ministry of Education regarding information on age 5-11 vaccinations.  We have been asked to share this information with our parents.

COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Ages 5-11

COVID-19 vaccination is now authorized by Health Canada for children five and older. Getting young people vaccinated helps protect them and the people around them. Principals are expected to support families to receive trusted information about vaccines by printing the BCCDC COVID-19 Vaccination for children 5-11 years old resource and distributing it to families of students aged 5-11. Please also see this week’s COVID-19 update for more information and resources on this topic.