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A “Code of Conduct” is a statement about how we work together. It outlines both our rights and our responsibilities as members of Spencer School. A committee of students, parents, and school staff developed our “Code” in consultation with all groups.


1.    All students have the right to attend Spencer Middle School as long as they accept the responsibility for attending every day and are on time for all classes.

2.    All students have the right to learn at Spencer Middle School provided they accept the responsibility for completing all assignments, homework, etc. and participate fully in every class.

3.    All students have the right to a safe environment at Spencer Middle School provided they accept the responsibility to ensure the safety of others, the building, and equipment atall times.

4.    All students at Spencer Middle School have the right to be treated with respect and must accept the responsibility for treating every student and staff member with respect despite individual differences. (BC Human Rights Code)

Students choosing not to meet or accept these responsibilities may lose the right to attend Spencer Middle School.


You must attend school daily and you must be on time. Failure to attend school means that you are in violation of the School Act, School Board policies, Spencer’s “Code of Conduct”, and school rules.  We know that students who do not attend school are much more likely to fail subjects, and eventually drop out of school.  School becomes increasingly more difficult if you miss all or part of your lessons.

You must be excused for all absences. If you are absent for all or part of a day, you need to bring a note from your parent or have your parent call the school.  You are responsible for completing any missed work. If there are specific events in the evening, such as dances or concerts, you must attend school that day and the day preceding the event. Your family may decide to take a vacation during the school year.  Legally, the school cannot give you permission to leave.  That decision has to be made by your parents. If you will be missing school for a vacation, you need to complete all missed work.


Bussing is a privilege, not a right.  Students are expected to behave in a safe and responsible manner while riding the school buses.  Failure to do this may result in the student not being able to ride the school bus.

Many of our bus schedules require that students leave school soon after dismissal.  Our staff is aware of this situation.  However, our first responsibility is in the classroom and therefore, behaviour and performance should be such that after‑school detentions and interviews can be avoided.  District school bus schedules are available in the office.  Questions about routes, etc. should be directed to Transportation 250-474-9845.


Students are expected to treat all individuals, and to be treated themselves, in a courteous, respectful manner.  They should use language that typifies this. Students are expected to arrive to class on time and to attend all classes. 

Students should not enter the central pods, open teacher desks, or enter storage areas. The use of washrooms should be confined to class breaks except in emergency circumstances. Students are expected to arrive with appropriate equipment. Students are expected to be on task during instructional time.


Spencer is a closed campus. This means students must remain on the school grounds throughout the day. Students who go home for lunch are required to bring a note of permission from their parent.  This permission does not extend to friends.  If a student goes home every day for lunch, a Lunch Release Form is available in the office.


Under supervision and guidance, our students have access to the internet as a valuable resource in their studies.  However, we recognize that there is material on the web that is not appropriate for viewing at school.  Therefore, students will only be allowed on the web if both student and parents read, and agree to the conditions set out in “Spencer Middle School’s Internet Acceptable Usage Policy.”


Students at Spencer need to know that Cyberbullying is strictly against our code of conduct.  Cyberbullying is when insults, threats, hateful or harmful messages are sent via e-mail, text messaging, websites or other electronic means.  It does not matter whether the message was sent from school or not.  Any breaches of this code will be treated very seriously by Spencer and by our School District.


If you leave school early, you must “sign out” at the office.  You will need a note or a call from your parents confirming permission to leave.  Failure to sign out will mean that the absence will be treated as “unexcused”.


Items must not be brought to school that could cause a disturbance or potentially create safety concerns. Examples of the above might include fireworks, stink bombs, water pistols, bingo dabbers, laser pointers, etc. The use of lighters or matches at school is strictly prohibited.

Students must line up in an orderly fashion when waiting for the bus. Recreational skateboarding, roller blading, and bike riding are not to occur on the school grounds.


Smoking is not permitted on school property, in front of the school on Goldstream Avenue, or in the wooded areas behind the school.  All SD62 schools are Drug Free.  This means there will be no toleration for drugs or alcohol used or distributed at school, or in the vicinity of the school.  Paraphernalia associated with smoking, drugs and alcohol is not permitted.  This includes clothing or bags with advertising and e-cigarettes.


Students are expected to be well groomed and wear clothing appropriate for the activities of the day.  The following regulations pertain to the dress of students.

·         Clothes and appearance must not create a distractive or disruptive situation in the classroom or present a hazard to the students or others.

·         Clothing with thin straps, bare midriffs, short shorts, or low-cut fronts is not permitted.

·         Clothing/jewellery with references to drugs, alcohol, sex, prejudice or profanity, is not permitted.

·         Footwear must be worn at all times.

·         Head gear is not to be worn in school, and should be taken off prior to entering the school, and worn only after leaving the school.

·         Backpacks, purses and other bags are to be left in lockers.



  • Cyber-bullying
  • Gross disobedience or defiance
  • Harassment
  • Physical violence
  • Possession or use of drugs or alcohol
  • Possession or use of weapons
  • Sexual abuse or harassment
  • Smoking in the school and on the school grounds
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Verbal abuse or harassment


Harassment is any improper behaviour that is directed at or offensive to any person. It is unwelcome.


Teachers will assist students to understand and follow the school’s Code of Conduct through the use of positive management strategies and classroom discipline processes.  Parents will be contacted as needed.  Students may be referred to the office if problems are persistent or serious.


Spencer Middle School uses the principles of Restitution as a guide. Restitution focuses on identifying children’s basic needs and guiding them to be self-managers.



Cell phones are expected to be used appropriately at Spencer School.  “Out of sight, out of mind” guides our policy.  Staff may confiscate a cell phone or technological device for inappropriate use.

Pictures are not to be taken at school unless authorized. Cameras are not to be brought to school, and cameras in cellphones are not to be used.

The school will not be held responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen items, or items that have been confiscated.


Please do not bring any aerosol sprays (e.g. AXE) to school as many students and staff have sensitivities to these products.


A bicycle rack is available outside the staffroom windows. There is a security camera installed in this area. Students need to ensure their bicycle is locked up properly. The school cannot assume any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen bicycles.  Skateboards are not to be ridden on campus.


Spencer offers a variety of clubs and teams.  You are encouraged to participate in and support these events.  Balance your school activities so that you can spend time on both scholastic and extra curricular activities.


Leadership sponsors the dances.  Parents and teachers chaperone these dances.  Tickets are not sold at the door.  Dances are generally between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Dances are a privilege that students earn by following the school’s Code of Conduct.  Poor behaviour, poor attendance, or excessive lates are all reasons why students are denied the right to attend dances.


Students are expected to remain in their classroom during class time.  If they must leave, then the hall pass, in their agenda, needs to be signed by a staff member.


If you find lost articles, please take them to the office or put them in the lost and found bin outside the office where the owner can claim them.


You will be assigned your own locker and lock.  Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to inspection by an administrator or designate.  The care and cleanliness of the locker is your responsibility. You are also responsible for any damage to your locker.  The security of your locker is vital. Do not disclose your combination, not even to your “best friend”.  Key locks are allowed by special permission only.


We have a medical room and two first aid attendants, for students who become sick or injured.  You need to report to the office.  Parents will be contacted immediately if it appears to be a serious illness.  Parents will be expected to pick up their child as soon as possible.


A public pay phone is available. Office phones are for emergency only. Please bring $.50 and leave it in your locker in case you ever have to use the payphone.


Please remember to notify the school if your address or phone number is changed.  Also, should you have any serious medical concerns, please let us know.


Vending machines are located near the theatre and mudroom for snacks.  Vending machines are not to be used during class time.  Pizza and lunch items are sometimes sold as a fundraiser at lunch.