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To register new students please go to this link below and fill in all the information, be sure to load up your documentation.  There is a list of necessary documentation listed below.

On-line registration for those new to the Sooke School District will take place at 8am on January 27th, 2020. Please access the following link in advance to prepare for the process.


School Counsellors:

Todd Robertson              trobertson@sd62.bc.ca      (250) 474-1291 ext. 307

Katherine Chan              kchan@sd62.bc.ca       (250) 474-1291 ext 320

You must live in the Spencer catchment area to register here at the school.  The only exceptions to this rule are if you are registering in the Hockey Academy, or siblings are already attending the school. To determine if you live in our catchment area please use the “school locator” on the School District 62 website at www.sd62.bc.ca.  If you are transferring in from another middle school in our district please fill in the School Change Request on-line.

The required documention for registration is as follows:

  1. copies of proof of citizen for both parent and child
  2. Proof of Residence:

Home owners need to provide two of the following:
-purchase agreement
-property tax statement
-house insurance
-property assessment
-utility bill (Gas or Hydro)
*If only one of the documents above can be produced, the homeowner must also provide two of the following:
-BC vehicle registration
-Canadian bank or credit card statement
-Income Tax statement
Renters need to provide a rental agreement signed by landlord with contact information as well as two of the following with the rental home address on it:
-Canadian bank or credit card statement
-BC vehicle registration
-Income Tax statement
-Renter’s insurance


Hockey Academy Information:

1) All Academies will use an online registration system this year.

Access to the registration website is on the school district homepage at  www.sd62.bc.ca) or using this link  https://registration.sd62.bc.ca/apps/academy

2) All new and current academy students need to use this online registration system although current academy students will be able to select an option for a shortened version of the academy application.

3) Spencer Hockey Academy 6,7 & 8 classes will be limited to 30 spaces at each grade level  for the 2015-16 school year and  we will have a deadline of February 13th for students to sign up.

4) Once the online application is complete a non-refundable deposit of $85 is required to finalize your application and reserve your spot in the academy program.

Payment can be made at the School Board Office at 3143 Jacklin Road. Payment can be made by cheque, debit , credit card or cash. Receipts will  be emailed to parents.  Cheques are to be made payable to School District 62

5) Since many of the academies use a written essay portion to determine final acceptance parents may want to preview  the current application available on our school’s website to give your son or daughter an idea as to the question they will required to answer.

*****   Please use the following link to access the online registration form:    https://academies.sd62.bc.ca/  ********